A Streetcar Named Desire Critical Summary

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To conclude A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams did a fantastic job with revealing much of Blanche’s secrets. Scene nine began with Mitch coming over a little buzzed, but he definitely knew why he was there. Blanch was alone and seemed to be surprised that he had came back. She rambled on and on as he sat there to take it for a while. Eventually, he admitted to Blanche what he had heard about her from three different people as he goes to turn on the light because he had also found that she was quite a bit older than him. She tried to make excuses and somewhat owned up to part of the accusations. Blanche wanted to marry him, however, Mitch claimed that she wasn’t clean enough for him or his mother. Blanche screamed fire out of the window until it he scattered from Stanley and Stella’s home. She was having illusions and hearing noises all afternoon, so much that it drove her to have a few drinks. Stanley soon comes in only to find Blanche wearing a fake tiara. He threw himself at her with force as she begged for mercy. Stella was in the hospital getting ready to have a baby while Stanley, from what I understand, raped her sister. That part was a surprise to me because I didn’t feel that he would do anything like that since he just wanted her out of his home. Although, I think that all of those times that Blanche called him an animal was building up to it. He wanted to show her what he really is. In the last scene when Stella is home, she had called for a doctor and

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