A Strong Leader Of A Sports Team

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People contemplate all the time about what it really takes to be a strong leader of a sports team. What does it mean if you are considered a strong leader? Why does a sports team need someone with strong leadership to lead the team? Although there are so many different opinions about what it takes to be a good, strong leader, only some of them actually add up to the definition that makes the most sense. When people search the term ‘team leader’ in the dictionary, they find that it says a team leader provides direction, instructions and guidance to the team. That definition is true to some sense, but there is so much more to being a leader than just that. Personally, there is a definition that my family grew up learning about. There are…show more content…
Take every chance that there is to get better. If there are weights or any type of workout at 6:00 A.M., never miss it. Don’t take away any chances of getting better, when there are kids out there who can’t even try to get better because of health issues or injuries. When others see someone on the team wanting to get better, it makes them become a little more motivated to do the same. That’s a big part of leadership right there. A leader is someone who will admit that they are wrong and will say when they don’t know what the right answer is. Learning from the mistakes that are made is a big step for some and it might just be the step someone needs to master in order to be considered a good leader. It might be tough, but it’ll feel great after that person accomplishes it. A leader is someone who wants to teach little kids that things are possible. They want to be a great role model for those kids that are hoping to be just like them one day. Be the one that all the kids look up to just because of the type of person and athlete that you are. Part of being a good leader is teaching the little ones how to play the game. Give back to the community, as they are always there supporting athletics, no matter which sport. Clearly, there is so much more to being a leader than what the dictionary says, and other people will say the same thing. Miranda Valley too, thinks that there is so much more to leadership than people think. She is a coach, so
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