A Study Of Computer System

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Nowadays, computer is able to help in a wide range. Such as Economics, Physics, etc. Since 1987, a study of computer system to support clinical decision making has been proposed by Edward H. Shortliffe[5], with the rapid development of computer science, this approach is applied more and more often and not only in clinical situation. As a tool, computer system could be used to collect data, make statistics and calculation with no problem. According to Sprague study, Decision Support System has been defined[6], Decision Support system aims to gathering and store the knowledge-based data, in the meantime, suitable for different environment users. This could be seen as using the computer system to do the Step 2 in Decision Making process.…show more content…
Users share the relevant information each other make the search engine provide alternatives through key word search. Still, this is also a similar function with Step 3.
C. Limitation of Traditional Decision Making Steps
Computer System has the ability to help Decision Making. However, Belton stated that Decision Making Software could be able to support decision making, but software cannot replace decision making since it does not have the driving force[7]. This is also the limitation of computer system due to the nature of binary system. Software engineer is required to apply strict logic when they programming.
Fuzzy Logic becomes popular in programming in order to help computer system to solve more complexity problem for accurate result. Fuzzy Logic has been applied on Decision Making Software already, but it has limitations such as decision maker can only gathering small amount of information at one time[8].
Decision Making Software provides alternatives after users input the relevant information, but it assumes that people already have the clear aim. However, people also face problems with single goals and multiple goals[9], complicate think troubles users from the start of the traditional steps. In the meantime, the factors consideration is limited due to the lack of background knowledge provide. Therefore Traditional Decision Making Steps will provide an
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