A Study Of Personality Between Samsung, Samsung And Motorola

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Against: ========= The inner characteristics, unique to individuals - define their personality - it reflects the individual differences. Some individuals are very social, some are timid, some adventurous and some methodical. While one's personality is often interpreted by those we interact with, the person has their own vision of their personality - this influences their buying behaviour. Thus, a study of personality is very important for marketers, as it can help them differentiate and segment consumers into separate groups on the basis of their personality traits. Consumers associate they choices with their personality, physical activities, associations with others and their interests. Thus their buying behaviour is mapped to their choices with their psycographic measures (how they live, work and play). Personality of the buyer defines the items that are more likely to be valued. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for items that reflect their personality. Motorola did a spectacular job with the mobile 'Moto X'. It is Motorola's flagship phone, priced appropriately for a flagship device. Compare this to other flagship devices from Samsung, Nokia, HTC or even LG, all these phones are competing on higher specs of their flagship devices. But Motorola, with its Moto X did not play the specs game like its…show more content…
In these transactions the consumer is no longer an individual but now are a committee in an organization. It becomes more complex as each of the members can have varying attitudes towards any brand, with different reasons for purchasing or rejecting a product. Unlike individual consumers, companies seek to make long term relationships, as it impacts their entire business. Thus brand loyalty is much higher, compared to consumer goods. An individual's perception is not of as much of importance as the group

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