A Study On A Rutgers Education

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A Rutgers education represents a myriad of possibilities for an underprivileged, Ecuadorian, 19-year-old young woman. I feel that I would be moving forward in life by fighting back the oppression faced in Newark. It will mean turning my life around from feeling stuck in a troubled environment to one that will motivate my persona. A Rutgers education represents a bright light in an oppressed Newark that will genuinely make me feel accomplished. As a Latina with parents who barely speak the language and with a past of detrimental school systems, I feel that society has not let me become the person I want to be. Attending ECC has showed me the reality of life if you conform to the environment, Rutgers is not in any way conformist. I do not want to follow the pattern of failures represented by some ECC students. I want to be the exception that Rutgers is. I want to be the individual who can captivate my fellow Newarkians who day to day are ascribed to their everyday roles. With a Rutgers education I will prove that you can make it out of a community college and still make it big at a four-year institution. I want to share my knowledge back to one’s who in the future will find themselves in the very same spot. At Rutgers, I want to prove that a prestigious university will shape me into becoming an exceptional student. Rutgers signifies enforcing competition, it is the education I yearn to become successful. I abhor the feeling of not being asked to do better, in other words,

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