A Study On Adolescent Population

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Abstract This paper will examine the adolescent population. It will recognizes and define strengths in this population. Amongst these strengths this paper will explore building adolescents up based upon such strengths. Furthermore, this paper explores the strength perspective and how it can be applied to adolescents when they are faced with oppression and feeling vulnerable. Exploring why this perspective is useful and examples of those reasons. Introduction Adolescence, one bold word that might leave you wondering what is it exactly? Questions come to mind, how long does it last? Why are adolescents out of control? The definition adolescence is loosely defined. In some countries this time in someone’s life may be shorter or longer, depending on ones culture. According to Laser, J., & Nicotera, N. (2011), adolescence is including young people whose ages range from about 13 years old to about 20 years old. Using theoretical strengths perspective helps find the light to what seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Population of Interest Narrative The first major I sought when entering college was elementary education, I was set on never teaching adolescents. Even after changing my major to social work, I was still stuck on never working with adolescents. I had preconceived beliefs about teens; they were brats, mouthy, and dramatic. During my BSW practicum I worked alongside the school social worker. At this location, the age range of the students was between
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