A Study On Rome 's Location

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World History AP

Chapter 5

1. Rome’s location was a large contributor to why it was so successful. Italy is a land of hills and the Apennine Mountains run along the center of it. The Mediterranean had an extremely good climate for crops to survive. Though 75 percent of the land in Italy is hilly, there are many coastal regions and river valleys that were perfect for sustaining an urbanized society.
According to legend, Rome was founded by two brother, Romulus and Remus. They were cast along the Tiber River and raised by a she-wolf. Rome was occupied as early as 1000 BCE and the merging of several hilltop communities to form a nucleus. Latin speech and cultural patterns originate from the people who inhabited Rome long ago. The Roman Republic wasn’t a democracy but rather, was a sovereign power which resided in sever assemblies. The real center of power in the Roman Republic however, was all in the Senate. They were basically an advisory council which made policies and governed the people. Complex ties of obligations that were in Roman families were a patron/client relationship where the oldest living male was the person leading the household.
The Roman Republic was not so much a success when they became too large to govern and they were eventually destroyed in the third and second century BCE and most farmers were out on military service, so when they were absent from their farms, investors were able to seize up most of their land through…

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