Ancient Rome Research Paper

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Slide 1: My project is on Ancient Civilizations in Italy. My presentation will focus on Italy during the Roman Empire, the Reformation, and the Renaissance.
Slide 2: My presentation will begin by talking about Ancient Rome.
Slide 3: Romulus and Remus are the founders of Rome. They are the twin sons of Mars who is the god of war. As babies a king left put them in a basket and sent them down the Tiber River. A she-wolf found them and raised the twins as her own. Once they got older the boys crushed the king who left them in the basket. Romulus and Remus decided to form Rome near the Tiber River. Soon after founding the city, Romulus killed Remus to become Rome’s first king.
Slide 4: Before becoming the Roman Empire, Rome was a tiny city surrounded by seven hills. These hills helped protect the Romans when they were fighting enemies. Rome was also located near volcanoes which made the soil fertile. The fertile soil helped the Romans grow crops to feed their families.
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The war was Caesar’s supporters against the supporters of Caesar’s assassinators. Caesar’s supporters won the war. After some time, Caesar’s adopted son Octavian became the sole ruler of Rome. Octavian changed his name to Augustus. He became the first emperor of Rome.
Slide 12: The Roman Empire lasted from 27 BC to 476 AD. The fall of this empire was due to many political, economic, and social reasons. The Roman empire had many corrupt leaders who did not know how to run a successful empire. The economy was suffering because of taxes and the large gap between poor and wealthy people. The people of Rome were suffering from lack of food. The Roman citizens also loss trust in their rulers.
Slide 13: Before Rome was the Roman Empire it was the Roman Kingdom and the Roman Republic. As an empire Rome was one of the largest and most powerful empires in history. The Roman Empire fell because of political, social, and economic

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