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The consultancy I mentioned above - Gyan Foundation, had a tie-up with Thomas Cook as their interests dovetailed each other. Gyan Foundation guided prospective students with the application process to international universities while Thomas Cook a world renowned travel agency was interested in the business of travel booking for these students desiring to fly abroad. Thomas Cook’s service line included Leisure Travel – Outbound, Inbound, Domestic, Foreign Exchange, MICE, Corporate Travel, Insurance, Visa & Passport Services (wikipedia). Analyzing the situation using Shell’s Foundation My situation related best to Balanced Concerns from the Situational Matrix. It was critical for me to book a ticket at the same time it was important for the travel agents from Thomas Cook to give me a reasonable and fair deal. I knew my chances of getting a better deal with Thomas Cook were higher as compared to other agencies as I was referred their by my consultancy. Bargaining for Advantage - talks about the importance of references while Getting to Yes mentions the importance of face value. The travel agents had to put in fair efforts since I can from a reference with whom they were partnered and since they had to save their face with them to maintain their relationship (Of course mine was just a small deal, but still an important one) Let me describe how the Shell’s foundations related to my situation – 1. Bargaining Style - I was always accommodating when I had closed relations

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