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OUTCOME 2: Understand how to receive and transfer telephone calls – 2.1 Describe how to identify callers and their needs Identify callers needs Start with open questions, use active listening, don’t interrupt the caller. Clarification of actual situation/facts Ask pertinent questions, go over what the caller has said and ask if this is right. Find out what user knows already Ask what information was previous given, have respect for the callers attitude without adopting it. Transition providing information Initiate giving the information, assess the callers intake capacity in this specific situation and how information show be tailored to their needs. Providing information Align information to callers e.g. questions/concerns, …show more content…

When leaving a message for someone out of the office or via a phone message: Who the calling was, full name, where they are calling from, what time they rang, the details of the call, a number to get the caller back on and any specific details or requests the caller wanted the intended receiver to know. 2.7 Describe how to identify problems and who to refer them to Transferred Call – Connection with the customer may have been lost during transfer, contact previous person who transferred call to you and see if they have a number or company name so you can call the caller back, calling a customer back showers you are keen to help that person and will try your best to provide good customer service by taking the time and effort to try and reconnect with the caller. Log problem as a technical fault, if disconnecting issue continues check phones for system fault and report to a senior member of staff or technical support staff. Transferred to Wrong Person – This may happen due to a system fault or a technical fault with a phone involved in the transfer, other possibility is the original person to transfer was new and so may have made a mistake. Explain to the person that unfortunately they have been transferred to the wrong person, it may not necessarily be the incorrect department just wrong person. Apologise to customer, explain the problem, if you can help continue to

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