A Study On Using Instant Messaging

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In today’s world, everyone is surrounded by technology everywhere for example, our smart phones can connect to the web along with instant messaging to anywhere in the world. A study by Levine, Waite, and Bowman examines how the relationship between the new collaborative technologies such as instant messaging (IMing) have great impact of the capability of students to stay concentrated on their academic tasks. Accordingly, the authors not only examined the consequences on continuous interruptions of IMing however, they also explored at the consequences of multitasking with their schoolwork. In the study, it was hypothesized that those students who spent a huge amount of time on IMing, they have a tough time focusing on their school tasks such as academic reading. The method authors used to test their hypothesis was by making students to do survey that have 55 item questionnaire that is structured to find out how much each student use electronic media in terms of IMing and what are the few ways they are using instant messaging.
The study of IMing survey was participated by students who were primarily White/Non-Hispanic (83%) from working middle-class families. A group of fifteen females and 46 male college students from psychology classes were requested to share their experiences about the IMing habits where they also received extra course points for participating in the 55-item questionnaire survey. The IMing student survey begins with determining how much the internet

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