Summary Of The Use Of Mobile Devices In The College Classroom

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In Tamara Brenner’s article, “The Use of Mobile Devices in the College Classroom”, she stresses that the use of cell phones is distracting in a college classroom setting. This article was published by the Bok Center by Harvard University. Brenner has a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology, and taught undergraduate life science classes at Harvard. Today’s day and age is almost completely dependent on technology. Teenagers and students today have a completely new problem to deal with as far as how to balance cell phone time and lecture time in classrooms. Anybody in a college classroom setting should pay attention to what is in this article, especially students and teachers. Brenner uses strong studies and research papers to inform the reader about the issue as well as looks at all sides of the argument on how distracting mobile devices are in the college classroom. The article focuses on the distraction of mobile devices in the college classroom. Brenner explains that they are distracting to not only the person using them, but the people around them as well. Through her research, she found that the people sitting next to multitaskers on their laptops tended to score lower on tests than those without the distraction. On that note, she states that people “are not wired to multi task”. Through a study, she found that texting during lectures caused a decrease in student’s ability to take notes, pay attention, and perform well on tests. She also found that the use of laptops
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