A Study That Affects College Students Of Sleep

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1. Give a one-sentence definition of internal validity. As an example, I’m going to conduct a study that deprives college students of sleep, to prove their grades will go down as a result. If I found a link between reduced sleep and reduced grades, what is an internally valid conclusion about the results of this study (be specific)?

Internal validity is isolating certain variables to determine how well an experiment goes. In your example, we are determining the link between sleep and a decrease in grades. An internally valid conclusion would be that more sleep equals better grades and less sleep leads to a decrease in grades.

2. List the three requirements, as outlined by John Suart Mill, which must be met to establish a …show more content…

4. Give a one-sentence definition of external validity. Then consider a study looking at the drinking habits of 19-21 year-olds on a college campus. Describe the issues that might arise with the generalizability of this study, with respect to persons and situations.

External validity is when research findings are applied to the real world. When looking at 19-21 year olds on a college campus, we need to study a broad range of individuals coming from different cultures and backgrounds. We also need to look at which situations these are being applied to such as where they are there drinking habits taking place.

5. What kinds of studies are high in external validity? What kinds of studies are high in internal validity? Explain why each kind of study seems to have advantages / disadvantages in terms of external & internal validity.

Passive observational studies tend to be high in external validity, while quantitative studies to be high in internal validity. Internal validity is more based on laboratory experiments and external validity is needed to apply that to the real world and situations. I believe both are needed to work together to ensure the draw the best conclusion.

6. Give a one-sentence definition of construct validity. Then, use one sentence to explain the term ‘operational definition’. Finally, explain the role operational definitions play in making a study more construct valid.

Construct validity is when the variables

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