A Study on Nurses' Knowledge of Palliative Care

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Quantitative Study on a Nursing Issue: A group of researchers led by Venkatesan Prem conducted a research on nurses’ knowledge regarding palliative care. This research was influenced by the fact that inadequate knowledge of a palliative care among these professionals is well-documented across various studies on palliative care. The lack of sufficient knowledge by nurses and other health care professionals regarding this health issue is considered as one of the major hindrances in providing high-quality palliative care services. This cross-sectional quantitative research provides important information that may be used in nursing practice through effective measures of enhancing the knowledge of these professionals in providing palliative…show more content…
In concurrence with the findings of past studies on this issue, the researchers found that there are inadequacies in knowledge on several aspects associated with palliative care (Valo, 2012, p.23). Some of these aspects include pain management, unfavorable drug incidents, and use of opioid.
Usefulness of the Study in Nursing Practice: This research provides important insights that could be helpful in transforming nursing practice related to the issue since nurses have inadequate knowledge and misconceptions on palliative care (Qadire, 2014, p.23). The significance of the study is attributed to how its findings can be used for future research and initiatives to enhance nurses’ palliative care knowledge. Some of these measures that the study’s findings can be used for future research in nursing practice on palliative care include conducting comprehensive information on this issue, training programs, and advice on the issue. As evident from the research’s findings, there is need for comprehensive education to incorporate the fundamental principles of this health issue and symptom management. Secondly, the findings of the study provide the basis for future research on palliative care knowledge throughout the curriculum. Future researchers
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