A Summary Of A Short Story

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A boy named Santiago was searching for a hidden treasure at the pyramids of Egypt. He slept at an abandoned church with a half-destroyed roof. He had a lot of sheep and used a book as a pillow. The boy knew an old woman that lived in Tarifa and interpreted dreams. When he was there he told her that he has dreamt the same dream twice and a little boy transported him to the Egyptian Pyramids and told him about a treasure. The woman told him that not to pay him for his visit, for she wanted one-tenth of the treasure he told her about. Then he went to the market for something to eat, he traded his book with a thicker one. He sat at a bench and started to read his book, when he finally understood the book an old man who was a king in a small land called Salem sat next to him and told him that the book he was reading said the same thing as almost all of the books in the world. Then he gave him two rocks, one black and one white. The black rock meant yes, and the white rock meant no. The king told him if Santiago had trouble reading the omens, he could just ask a question and the stones would help him. Then the king told him a story and Santiago understood that a shepherd like him may like to travel, but he should never forget about his sheep. Then he knew that he would give the sheep to the old man. Santiago needed money to go to the Egypt Pyramids so he worked for a month with a crystal merchant. When he had the money he went with an English man to Egypt. They met a girl named

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