Examples Of Conflict In The Alchemist

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The Alchemist
Santiago, the main protagonist, never gave up and continued to follow his dreams despite him going through many obstacles. The conflict arises as he’s trying to find treasure depicted to him through a dream while trying to overcome the brutality of the world and those trying to hold him back. The conflict enhances the story, as he did not give up and kept moving towards his goal with the help of friends that he meets throughout his journey in order to seek out his dreams. The boy was a shepherd going throughout the lands selling wool, but twice now he had the same dream, where there was a little boy leading him throughout Egypt to where treasure would be, yet as soon was the boy would show him where, he woke up. Seeking help from a Gipsy to find this treasure, he agreed that in return 1/10 of the treasure would be hers. After talking to the Gipsy he meet an old man who sat down next to him, they held a conversation, after a while the boy found out that the old man was a king that knew of where the treasure of hidden, and he told him to follow his dream, and gave him two rocks named Urim and Thummim. Santiago then raised enough money to go to Egypt, while there he met a boy at a bar who then agreed to take them Santiago to the pyramids if he was in charge of his money, and Santiago agreed. While he was looking at a sword the boy ran off leaving Santiago with no money. Having no money, he had to find a job, but Arabic, being the main langue there, made it

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