A Summary Of Frosty : A Short Story

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Bree was alone in the dark, left to die in a world where no one cares if you fall flat off the face of the earth. It was a world where no light came to help you find your way to safety, to sanctuary, to home. Bree hadn't always been homeless. Her mother died after she was born. Her father was an alcoholic who lost his job, was extremely abusive and abandoned Bree in the middle of nowhere. She was a realist; she knew her dad was awful, but her mother was always a mystery to her. Bree left the darkness and tried to find some light. Chills crept up her spine, as if it were alive. Frosty autumn afternoons were the norm in the city. Trudging down the dull grey city footpaths, she felt the bite of the breeze.
Although she was abandoned at only ten, she was still a little hopeful to the world. Not an open book, but certainly not cruel. She was gentle, yet strong, humble, not timid. The world around her was motionless and still, just as unforgiving as the day she was left to die.
Bree looked around at her surroundings. Dirty. Dark. Plain. Sirens, a few car horns even, played on repeat in the distant horizon. She looked to her hands, filled with grime and dust, no doubt the same principles to her face. Dirty blonde hair, a once white beanie, a grey coat, a faded blue pair of track pants, all hers. Filthy sneakers topped it all off. The only thing that was still bright was her eyes. Bright blue with a hint of green that looked as if they were carved by the angels themselves. Thirteen

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