A Summary Of Robert Cormier'sThe Chocolate War?

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I originally selected to read the The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. I read this book because of all of the debate on whether it was right for this person to reject to do an annual school chocolate sale for the school.
The Chocolate War starts with out with Archie needing to recruit people for selling all of the chocolates. The church school sells chocolates every single year and Brother Leon ordered twice as many chocolates as he did last year. This introduces the main characters Archie who is mostly in charge, Jerry who doesn’t want to sell anything, and Brother Eugene and Brother Leon who is in charge of the entire project. Archie wants to get Jerry in on selling the chocolates and Goober says no because his mother had just passed away. Then the book moves to Jerry who just wants to be normal like other people. He ends up accidentally staring at a guy at the bus stop and the guy tell him that he is stuck in a boring routine. After this is goes back to Archie who is talking to Brother Leon. Archie is surprised after Brother Leon tells him that he ordered twenty thousand chocolate boxes because they were on sale and that they school is usually really good at selling the chocolates. After Archie does the math he realizes it will be really difficult and each student needs to sell 50 boxes each.
After Archie finding out about the double in chocolates Roland Goubert, who is call The Goober, is given an assignment from the Vigils, which is the school’s gang. Archie tells The

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