A Summary Of Somali Piracy

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Piracy is a problem that did not stop in the 1700s. The pirates off the coast of Somalia attack ships and take hostages for ransoms. The United States is one of the countries being attacked. Along with France, China and Russia. Regarding the U.S foreign policy and interactions with Somali pirates, the U.S should use force because there will be less of an of a financial hit on the families of the victims, piracy will decrease when the incentives decrease, and less money will be given to the terrorist organizations that are feared.

To begin with, the United States should use force because there will not be as large of a financial hit on the families of the victims. In the twenty-first century, the Somali pirates request large sums …show more content…

The Somali pirates ask for ransoms not because it is how they have fun but because they have to. I do not condone these actions, but for some, this is the only way they know. Joanne Mariner says, “Millions of Somalis live in famine…”(15). These people can not afford to buy food, so the easiest way for them to make money is piracy. Also, the pirates will not continue with piracy if there is to of a risk. The money is needed, but will no longer be worth it when the penalty is death or imprisonment. According to James Carafano,”If piracy were not profitable at an acceptable level of risk to the pirates there would be little or no piracy,”(12). Even with the money, the pirates have turned to terrorist organizations for further financial advancement. For any of this to stop the United States must use …show more content…

This is because that aid might end up in the hands of terrorists. Those people who were trying to help could be prosecuted because of the before mentioned law. But the money being paid in ransoms is going the same terrorists that people are being prosecuted for helping. Carafano makes know that,” In addition to aiding in lawlessness and other enterprises, it is also thought that pirates are also supporting extremist organizations in Northern Africa,”(11). Terrorists are feared because of their violent attacks like 9/11, The Paris Attack, and the Brussels bombing. Yet the government still wants to indirectly fund them. Without the pirates to help make money for the terrorists the attacks would be much harder to complete in the future. Carafano says that ”...the terrorist and pirate activates may seem unrelated but terrorists benefit from pirates in many ways,”(11). The Somali pirates and the terrorists work together. So, to stop one the other also must be stopped. The only way for this to be done is for the U.S to use

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