A Summary Of The Bhagavad Gita

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I have found the book The Bhagavad Gita to be very appealing. I have never been exposed to the Indian culture but while reading this book it seems that they have similar beliefs than we do, just quoted differently. Detachment was one of their practices I found interesting. Reasons to be detached is greatly explained in this quote, “Those who are compulsively attached to the results of action cannot really enjoy what they do; they get downcast when things do not work out and cling more desperately when they do”(55). This quote is simply saying that we as a whole are not focused on what we should be doing, we only focus on what we are doing to be perfect. If we act without worrying we may even be able to enjoy ourselves instead. Even though detachment is practiced in the Indian culture, everyone should practice it. In the religion I participate in, we tend to put value on everything. Some people may not want to read the Gita or practice any of their practices due to the fact that it may not be their religion. I feel that you should really view certain things without judging. I would consider practicing detachment in order to help ease tension. When you are attached to someone or somethings, anything can happen to it which cares you to feel a certain way. However, if you were practicing detachment, you wouldn't really care if something happens to it. You also wouldn't be as hurt; this is when you find yourself thinking everything happens for a reason. The saying everything

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