A Summary Of The Gunpowder Plot

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Remember, remember, the fifth of November; we all know the rhyme but how well do we really know the story? In the essay I will explore how the plotters were punished and why they were punished so severely. Before you can explore the punishments, you first have to know the story. The Gunpowder Plot started on May 20th 1604; however, the reasons behind the plot started many years prior to that. In fact, the entire reason behind the plot dated back to Henry VIII, when religious turmoil broke out. You could say, all hell broke loose. It all started when Henry made his break from Rome to allow him to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon. This made England a Protestant country which many didn’t like, or rather, hated. This turmoil continued for many years, as the next king, Edward, kept Protestantism whilst Mary, the following monarch, (also known as Bloody Mary) changed the national religion back to Catholicism and took her religion to further extremes by burning Protestants. Upon Mary’s death Elizabeth I took the reigns and, yet again, switched the religion. She also persecuted those who didn’t follow the same religion as her, as she made it illegal to be a Catholic and illegal to go to a non-Protestant Church. James VI of Scotland came to the throne next and he, despite thoughts that he might have been kinder to Catholics, kept the aforementioned Recuncansy Laws. The country was a mess. This is where the plot we know so well comes in. A man named Robert Catesby was fed up,

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