Medellin Cartel In The 1980's

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Imagine living in the most violent state in your country. Every day someone gets murdered by the cartel. Every day you have to deal with cartel members stealing money from you and there is nothing the government can do. There are some areas that the police barely watch because they know it will cause a run in with the cartel. In Colombia during the 1980's several cartels battled over territory and thousands died fighting for the cartels. All this fighting was just over selling drugs in not just Colombia, but also in the northern neighbor, the United States of America. Several different drugs were smuggled across the border over the years. One of the bigger drugs that were transported to America was cocaine. Cocaine quickly made its way around and was extremely profitable for the cartels. Pablo Escobar and his cartel, the Medellin Cartel, were the biggest producer and supplier of cocaine. They were the biggest problem for the governments of both countries. The Medellin Cartels involvement in the cocaine trade affected the Colombian public by causing the public to live in fear due to the violence involved with cartel’s fighting over territory and drug trade routes into America and their conflicts with both the American and Colombian governments during the 1980’s. One of the ways that the Medellin Cartel caused the public to live in fear was all the violence caused by the fighting between the cartels and either other cartels or the police. All the time there were shoot-outs or

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