A Summary OfLetters From The Corrugated Castle

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In “Letters from the Corrugated Castle, a 13-year-old girl named Eldora writes a series a letters describing everything that is going on in her life. She had believed for years that her mother had passed away when she was quite young. Eldora lived with a very nice couple who had been very kind and taken Eldora in as their own. Eldora called them Aunt and Uncle. At the beginning of the story, Aunt, Uncle, and Eldora all packed up their belongings from their home in New Bedford, Massachusetts and left for a new life in the chaotic city of San Francisco, California.

One day, Eldora received a letter from her mother explaining a lot of unanswered questions. Eldora was thrilled to know that her mother was not dead, and was alive and quite well. Eldora’s mother said that she would soon come by to pay Eldora a visit and to tell her why she had been unable to care for her the past few years. However every time she was due to visit, she would have something come up and not be able to visit. Until after about the 3rd reschedule, when she was finally able to come into the city for a visit. Eldora was scintillating with happiness and very eager to see her mother for the first time in what felt like forever. When she saw her mother and she immediately began to look for every similarity, such as eyes, voice, hair, even the way that she walked.

Aunt seemed to have quite a few questions about why and how everything had happened. So mother then told a story of how she

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