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MRKT5000 Online Course Marla Sharper Home Depot Builds on Research Segmentation, and Targeting Case Summary: Almost 40 years ago Home Depot opened their doors to the world. Since that time the store has developed into a one-stop shop for all of your home improvement needs. Through their 2,260 North American and online store, Home Depot brings in about $75 billion annually. Home Depot has expanded their merchandise inventory and services to address the needs of specific markets. When you look at where Home Depot is today they have made their store convenient not only to contractors but for the regular consumer as well giving them both access to items that are sometimes hard to find. The company’s primary concern, since being incorporated, is for the do-it-yourself consumers. Today many consumers are opting to do-it themselves rather than hiring a contractor to do it for them. Home Depot has not however forgotten about their contractors. They still provide them support with software that helps them prepare estimates as well as proposals. The company knows that if the contractor does well with their goods and services it will keep them as well as new consumers and contractors coming back rather then them taking their business elsewhere. …show more content…

In the case of Home Depot one of their target customers are do-it-yourselfers and if you break that group down you have men and women and the company pays different attention to women who want to learn how to tackle home improvement projects. Targeting Strategy – As discussed Home Depot uses market segmentation to focus on homeowners as well as licensed contractors. They use a differentiated targeting strategy by providing DIYers with experience, kid workshops as well as How-to Clinics. Personal Case

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