A Summary On The Effects Of Immigration On Black Community Organizing

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Effects of Immigration on Black Community Organizing
In the United States, there has been a steady increase immigration over the past few decades. With this pattern, black immigrants have also steadily entered in to the United States, though not at as fast a rate as Asian and Latino migrants. With this immigration, a growing number of the black population is foreign born, especially in regions in the Northeast of the United States, immigrating from the Caribbean, African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Cape Verde to name a few, and regions of Latin America. Although both native and foreign born black peoples fall within the African diaspora, they are vastly different. Despite the differences, black people are generally lumped together both officially in the U.S. census and population statistics, and unofficially through socialized categorizations. Delving even deeper into both native and foreign black populations leads to more distinctions regarding class, gender, region, education, sexuality, and age. However, …show more content…

I will further delve into this question by provided context on what it means to be “black” in the United States, the differences between an ethnic group and a racial one, and how this is reflected in political participation among different subgroups. Furthermore, I will be basing the way community organizations interact with the black community now with how they have operated, more broadly, in the past and different communities, while considering also how effective they have been. I considering the effectiveness, I will answer the question of whether it is the community that influences that community organizations, or the community organizations that influence the communities they

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