A Sunday in the Park

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Morton stared intensely into his wife’s eyes. The emotion behind his gaze consisted of exasperation, anger, and confusion. Never in his ten years of marriage had his wife counteracted him. His wife stood there with a shocked expression on her face, as if she was alarmed with the fact that she back talked Morton. The silence between the two seemed to have an effect on their surroundings- as the soothing afternoon breeze came to a halt, almost as if it wanted to hear what was going to be said next. “I-I...I don’t know who else,” sputtered Morton. He let go of Larry’s hand and looked at his own with shock. Morton couldn’t believe that he was even considering disciplining his own child with physical force. “What am I thinking?” thought Morton, “I would never hurt-”
Morton’s thought was interrupted by the sound of heavy boots coming towards him and his family. Morton turned around wondering what he was going to see. The barrell of a gun pointing at his face? A knife? As Morton completed his turn, he was staring right at the man who awoke his suppressed beast. The man from the park bench
The man walked towards Morton with a malicious smirk on his face. “You didn’t answer my question pal, you and who else?” Morton was trembling with rage and fear, and sweat began to run down his pale face. The sun in the sky began to lose its warm light, as clouds drifted over its rays. The sudden change in temperature caused Morton’s hair to stand on end. Morton stared into the man’s eyes with a

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