A Sunrise on the Veld - Life’s Uncontrollable Aspects in Lessing’s

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Life’s Uncontrollable Aspects in Lessing’s By: Michael S “A Sunrise on the Veld”

As kids we all experience important moments in our lives, whether they’re times of grieving or celebration. It is those moments that may alter or influence the dreams we once had. “A Sunrise on the Veld” by Doris Lessing, portrays the human experience of a young man that changes his perspective of life and its purpose. He comes to realize that there are some things in life we cannot control and as unpredictable life is, everything happens for a reason. We can analyze the story of Doris Lessing and his theme that life is uncontrollable through three elements, setting in early morning African veld, symbolism of the buck and diction of …show more content…

There is no better setting to present life’s unpredictable and uncontrollable nature than a veld in Africa. Another element used by Lessing in order to support his theme of life being uncontrollable and unpredictable is through the power symbol of the buck. The dying buck is a important aspect within this story because is symbolises every living thing in the world, including the young man. In a sense the buck is a representation of the boy and what the outcome of his morning could have become. He parallels himself with the buck, remembering the feelings he had of concurring and being able to do anything. “This small creature had been stepping proudly and free through the bush feeling the chill on its hide even as himself had done, exhilarated by it (Pg.5).” Lessing foreshadows the buck when describing the boy who, “Thought briefly, not believing that such a thing could happen to him, the he could break his ankle any moment in this thick tangled grass (Pg.2).” This thought directly foreshadows the buck’s broken leg and shows that the young man who once thought he was unstoppable is just as vulnerable as the buck. His experience that morning completely changed the way he viewed life, “ It was a swelling feeling of rage and misery and protest that expressed itself in the thought: if I had not come it would

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