Visual Representation Of Gwen Harwood 's Poem ' The Violets '

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The image presented is a visual representation of Gwen Harwood’s poem ‘The Violets’. The poem creates the imagery of an adult reflecting on the days they were a child; expressing their yearn to be a child again and their distress at how quickly time goes. Youth, passing of time, memory, life, and death are recurring themes of this poem which are presented through the narrator’s reminiscence of their childhood, and through the motif of a violet. Harwood uses a range of poetry techniques in her poems, and these techniques help convey the different themes and concepts of the poem. The images incorporated in the visual representation were purposely selected to help depict these different themes and concepts. The visual representation works to display Harwood’s poetry style and context through the representation of her poem ‘The Violets.’

The visual’s background is formed by a dark and starry night sky; stretching across the image and transitioning into a sunny day sky. This is a representation of the passage of time, life, death, and the power of memories. The nighttime depicts ageing and adulthood, whereas the daytime represents youth and life. In the poem, the narrator describes the sky, ‘Ambiguous night, ambiguous sky,’ which is symbolic for the transience between adulthood and childhood. An ambiguous sky is a sky which is unclear or undecided. The faded transition from the night sky to the day sky reflects this notion and the uncertainty of memories; displaying how the poem

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