A Survey Of The Community Is About People

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Introduction Dr. Jackson said, “Community is about people.” (Jackson & Sinclair, 2011, p. 8). What better way to build better communities than by coming together to save the indigenous youth from the negative effects of alcohol abuse. The Northern Territory in Australia has a large indigenous population and alcoholism seems prevalent among this population. The purpose of the action plan is to help lower the number of indigenous youth that consume alcohol at a young age or when they reach adulthood. Looking at the indigenous population in the town of Alice Springs only for the implementation of the action plan; symptoms, diagnosis, cure, and prevention will be discussed. Symptoms The Northern Territory alone has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in all of Australia. It is 30 to 40 percent higher here than anywhere else in Australia (Inquiry Reveals, 2014). A survey of the indigenous population was undertaken in 2008 and it revealed that almost half had consumed alcohol in 2007 (Chondur & Wang, 2010). In the Northern Territory, towns are sparse along with activities to occupy an individual. Does lack of activities draw people to consume alcohol, as it was revealed in a Native American study? The study which included men and women of varying ages cited that the lack of activities promoted drinking and/or substance abuse (Dennis & Momper, 2012). Health The indigenous suffer from overall poor health. The indigenous to non-indigenous death rate is 3-1(Korff, 2015b).
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