A Survey On Security Issues

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A Survey On Security Issues In WIFI-Technology. Name :- Siva Surya Gunturi. Student ID :- 20295323. Course Name :- Network Security Systems ( ELEE- 6399-03 ). Semester :- Fall. Year :- 2014. INTRODUCTION In this paper we can know about the exploits of Wi-Fi Security. And also the commercial and wireless approach to the wireless networks. The Keywords about which we discuss are War Driving, wireless security and the security protocols of 802.11. In the rapid development world Wi-Fi technology is the important invention to make people think on it and invent similar models. And they invented similar models to use the Wi-Fi technology more such as Bluetooth, GPRS, WiMAX, 3G technology later on 4G and LTE. Later…show more content…
The other standards which are used in mobile phones are 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation, and LTE. The latest upcoming technology is the 5th generation. We can use the Wi-Fi in many devices like personal laptops, smartphones, computers etc. To obtain a wireless network computer or any equipment should have wireless network interface controller. These signals are transferred through a single radio frequency channel. By using multiple overlapping access points the wireless signals can the transferred to many kilometers. While coming to the security the Wi-Fi has a much less security than wired networks. From the latest technology we have many protocols to get a secured network. Wi-Fi can be used in various modes such as home group, public areas and also in business group. To access the Wi-Fi in various forms we use routers such as digital subscriber router, cable modem with the help of Wi-Fi access point. This technology became such an important invention for all over the world. Various Wi-Fi access points in the world and there types:- Firstly, they started city by city Wi-Fi access point to make a use of this technology. In the India Mysore became the first city as a Wi-Fi enabled city in 2004, whereas in United States Sunnyvale California is the first city which became a Wi-Fi enabled city in 2005. Secondly, they started campus by campus Wi-Fi access point in the United States. Traditionally some colleges in the
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