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  • Wireless Technology : Wireless Technologies

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    Wireless technologies in the Oilfield Introduction In this research paper I will be exploring the new digital oilfield. This is defined by Sidney Hill of plantengineering.com as “an oilfield that harnesses information technology in ways that allow an oil company to capture and analyze data about all of its operations, ideally in real time, thus maximizing production while minimizing costs.”[1] I will cover why this technology has been brought in, what benefits it brings with it, how they are using

  • Wireless Technology

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    WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION Technology continues to develop very quickly down to the corner of the world, but not with strong will and hard work, information technology, chaired by the computer becomes a linear phenomenon with the development progress of the age. The development of information technology is developing very rapidly, this development can not be separated from the ability of computers to perform data communication and also establish a computer network both

  • Wireless Networks : Wireless Network

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    WIRELESS NETWORKS Wireless networks have become a major part in the operation of businesses and in people’s lives. Wireless networks can provide fast speed internet connections without having to use wired connections. Businesses are doing much better with wireless networks because they don’t have to pay the costs of installing wired networks and people can work easier because they do not have wires running all over the place. Now with wireless networks in place, businesses are able to connect

  • Wireless Communications, Wireless, And Mobile Data Services Essay

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    Wireless communication has emerged as its own discipline over the past decades.From cellular voice telephony to wireless internet and data services,data service has profoundly impacted our lifestyle.After a decade of exponential growth today wireless network is one of the largest industry in the world. At the time of wirtting this close to 1 billoin people subscribe to cellular service,close to 200 billion gsm short message is exchanged every year.In response to this growth, a number of universities

  • Evolution Of Wireless Technology

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    billions of mobile devices are connected to wireless networks and by the year 2020 when the massive arrival of 5G to the market is expected to be four times higher. This paper aims to analyze the advances in communication for these networks that will be present in all types of portable devices and personal use in addition to computers. It evaluates the progress for aspects of communication and ability to transfer data and information through new wireless networks. The benefits and improvements in

  • Essay Wireless Technology

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    IEEE 802.15.4: a wireless communication technology for large-scale ubiquitous computing applications Anis Koubâa, Mario Alves, Eduardo Tovar PP-HURRAY! Research Group, Polytechnic Institute of Porto Rua Dr. Antonio Bernardino de Almeida, 431, 4200-072 Porto, PORTUGAL {akoubaa, emt}@dei.isep.ipp.pt, mjf@isep.ipp.pt Abstract. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been attracting increasing interest for supporting a new generation of ubiquitous computing systems with great potential for many applications

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless And Wireless Communication

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION ________________________________________________________ 1.1 Communication Communication is the transfer of information from transmitter to the receiver through a wireless medium or wired medium known as channel. The transmitter transmits the information and the receiver receives the information. Information is useful data send by transmitter and must be understood to the receiver. The information is transmitted in the form of radio waves. This useful information is known

  • Wireless Communication In Football

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    today, the job of an umpire or referee is certainly tricky and referees are required to make split second decisions that will determine a game, wireless technology has allowed referees to get a little support. “The use of electronic devices, no matter how intelligent and accurate, is often criticized by sports fans, and one of the enormous advantages of wireless communication is the speed of it” (Mark, 2). A referee standing in the middle of a football field can make a clear audio line with his fellow

  • Wireless Technology : The Importance Of Wireless Security

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    In the modern day, wireless technology is buzzing and becoming more and more popular and widely used as each day passes by. Many big corporations like Apple and Microsoft use wireless storage, aka the “cloud,” to provide their users with convenience. Unfortunately, with the continuous advancement of wireless technology, securing sensitive information becomes a complicated hassle. Wireless security is extremely important because many people store sensitive data such as bank account and credit card

  • 4g Wireless Networks.

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    4G Wireless Networks Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of: 3G and 4G wireless networks can be compared and contrasted by four areas of capabilities: Service and application, network architecture, data throughput and user perception. “Some examples of services offered by 3G wireless networks are CDMA2000 (also known as IMT MultiCarrier (IMTMC), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), and EDGE as well as a long list of others while 4G offer Worldwide