A Tale Of A Town And Three Prison By Joel Fraser Summary

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A Tale of a Town and Three Prison Joelle Fraser, being that she grew up in Susanville, is able to offer a unique view of Susanville. By implementing herself into the story, Fraser is able the breathe life into her words. Her own personal experience give life and meaning to an otherwise boring topic. By integrating her feelings on certain situations into the article, she is able to paint emotion into her article. By putting herself into the article, Fraser is able to turn a otherwise boring topic into a beautiful work or literature. Fraser starts by stating why she returned home to Susanville. She needed work and the newly built prison, High Desert State Prison, needed teacher. The first instance in which she incorporates herself into the story is when she visits a convenience store to get a newspaper. As soon as she steps into the store, She notices a plethora of correctional officers. Unbenouced to her, this is one of the shift changes Susanville two prison. Fraser should feel safe around all of the CO’s however, she feels uneasy. Unsurprisingly, she is not the only one uncomfortable at the large amount of CO’s. A man walks in, but quickly leaves when he sees the CO’s decked out in their uniforms. Susanville has change quite a lot from what it use to be. Susanville …show more content…

The CO’s are also effecting Susanville. Because of the hard hours they work, CO’s often find it difficult ti switch between their work personas and their home personas. This causes a rift in families as Joelle states. The children of the CO’s are especially being effected. They eventually grow up in a para-military household. Therefore, the new generation of those who live in Susanville are negatively effected. In a way, the prisons are like a nuclear spill. The very land itself is “contaminated” by the prisons. And this “contamination” will continue to effect those who live in Susanville as ling as the prisons are

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