A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Is a Well Known Cautionary Tale

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“A Tale of Two Cities” written by Charles Dickens is well known as a cautionary tale, that portends us to take heed to oppression leading to anarchy, or how a struggle for justice can turn into an insatiable thirst for revenge, and even the most innocent of things can be turned wicked. The peasants of France spent most of their lives impoverished and tormented by the aristocrats of their time. As a result of this nefarious behavior, thus the French Revolution came into play. On the other hand, what exactly did these aristocrats do to cause a revolution turned anarchy? First with old Foulon, “Does everybody here recall old Foulon, who told the famished people that they might eat grass, and who died, and went to Hell?” (Dickens 235). …show more content…

A burning in the hearts of the peasants soon overcomes them in rushes of mixed emotions causing them to rise against their oppressors in their struggle for justice. However, justice just was not enough. It did not suffice for the years of starvation, abuse, and death. Getting even did not cover up the damage this abuse had really done, there had to be blood, and there had to be death. All these years they had been waiting for a change and a chance for justice, but when the opportunity came it turned for the worst, a thirst for blood and an insatiable thirst for revenge. Madame Defarge is a prime example for this ravenous appetite for the death of the Evremonde family. It began with murder, “…and that peasant family so injured by the two Evremonde brothers, as that Bastille paper describes, is my family. Defarge, that sister of the mortally wounded boy upon the ground was my sister, that husband was my sister’s was my brother, that father, those dead are my dead, and that summons to answer for those things descends to me!” (Dickens 366). Madame’s intentions for justice turned for the worst when the revolution started, she only planned to have the remaining Evremonde family to be killed at the time she was unaware of Charles, Lucie, and little Lucie. When she family came to know of their existence it sparked a fire in her bosom to desire for the rest of the family to be killed. Another example would be the Grindstone

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