A Teacher Unions Essay

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Teacher Unions have evolved over time and have been essential in education equality and reform. Some now question the motivation behind these unions and whether or not they are now a barrier to reform, rather than a assistant. This paper will explore the evolvement of not only Teacher Unions, but the purpose and motivation behind said unions. Two of the most predominately known unions are American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association, NEA.

History (Purpose) NEA was established in 1857 in order to unite teachers under one voice of service in public education. Prior to this establishment, teachers were known to work in isolation with insufficient school supplies, little to no public support and salaries of less that $100 per year. Teachers were even known to be paid in food and room.

Minorities and Women When the Civil War ended in 1865, the hard work of Reconstruction began for the nation and for its educators. Black and White teachers worked to teach high numbers of newly freed slaves of all ages. Literacy and education was linked to freedom, which caused NEA to seek federal aid to support state schools. Another won with the Federal government was the successful lobbying of Congress that established a federal Department of Education (1867).
NEA’s Department of Indian Education (1899) produced research on how the government’s policy of isolating and assimilating the American Indian nations negatively impacted their education. Indian

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