The American Federation Of Teachers: Case Study

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The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) was founded in April 1916 by eight local teachers in Winnetka, Illinois. The union began to rise and drew more members during World War I when school boards were pressuring and intimidating teachers to resign from the union. From this time, the union fought for tenure laws and academic freedoms of teachers whose belief were investigated, following the “Red scare” hysteria. Fast forward to the 21st century, now governed by elected officers and delegates to the union’s biennial convention, the AFT represents about 80,000 early childhood teachers and 250,000 retiree members. The national union represents 1.6 million pre-K through 12th-grade teachers; paraprofessionals and other school-related personnel;…show more content…
According to Center for Responsive Politics, in 2012, AFT spends $21 million on political activities and lobbying, along with $53 million in political contributions since 1990. 99% of this contribution went to Democrats. The AFT learn toward the liberal side of the spectrum which can be seen through who they advocate and endorse for. Educators fight for immigrant students and their families, academic freedom and free speech against hate incidents, and protection for workers in public safety and criminal justice whom face difficult “societal” challenges. In June 2015, the AFT endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. President Randi Weingarten compares Clinton to members of the AFT who fought their entire career for children and families as she believes that Clinton is a leader who share the same…show more content…
This conference is affiliated with AFT Higher Education program. The AFT Higher Education policy makes statements regarding issues such as tenure, shared governance, contingent labor, teacher education and technology offer information and policy guidance. The program sets arguments and negotiating strategies to advance the union agenda. Having to be the first trade union to allow African Americans and minorities to become full members, it doubled the amount of members and set equal pay for African American and called for equal educational opportunities for African American children. Although, in 1957, when the union expelled all locals that refused to desegragate it lossabout 7,000 members. In 1963, the AFT actively supported the March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Now, stronger than ever, the AFT scattered across the nations. Locals are placed throughout cities, such as the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, PFT, which is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) as Local
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