A Terrible Glory Custer And The Little Bighorn Analysis

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In A Terrible Glory Custer and the Little Bighorn, James Donovan, the author, argues that George Armstrong Custer was not the main reason for the American army's defeat at Little Bighorn and that there were other factors that contributed to why they lost. This nonfiction, historical book takes place before and after the Battle at Little Bighorn. The battle lasted from June 26th, 1876 through June 27th, 1876 and resulted in a victory for the Lakota Sioux and the Cheyenne warriors against the U.S. army troops of Custer.
Donovan thoroughly explains each supportive argument to prove his thesis throughout the book. One of the arguments was the readiness of the U.S Army. The Seventh Cavalry was in inadequate shape. He explains how Custer was …show more content…

Not knowing how many Indians and making a terrible estimate was not a very smart choice and with the army they brought, it was a guaranteed defeat. As stated many times, Custer wasn’t the main reason for the defeat, but his actions and poor decisions still contributed to the lost. One of Custer’s characteristics was that he was stubborn and disliked criticism from others. Donovan argues that this type of mentality can cause many issues and conflict between other people. He discusses many decisions Custer made such as when
One strength was that Donovan explained the chapters with much detail. It is essential that when writing a book that is meant to provide information that it is detailed enough. He did an excellent job explaining very important details.
Another strength would be that the arguments that he chose supported his thesis statement. The evidence provided makes it obvious that you cannot blame it on Custer. He chose appropriate vocabulary
The last strength would be the short section of pictures in the middle of the book. Most of the pictures were the portraits of the people involved with captions. It’s nice to have an idea of what the people in the book look like when reading a history book or any book. They are also older pictures and it is very interesting to see pictures from the late eight-hundreds. The pictures were of Natives and White men so you can

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