A Time That Has Changed The Life Of Farmers

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In a time that was not that long ago, in a village that wasnt that far from this one. There live a young boy, Skylar, and his parents. They lived the hardworking life of farmers. They worked from sunup to sundown, only stopping to eat a simple lunch of bread and water. On there good days they may even have the luxury of an apple. Skylar’s parents could not afford to pay help while Skylar was in school, and he told them that he did not want them to struggle for him. So he never went. This devastated him. But he would never tell anyone, or let it show. He knew if he did, he would break his parent’s heats. One day while walking to the market to get the water from the town well and the food for the day he started to think about books and his farming chores. He was no longer paying attention to where he was going and he bumped into someone. Skylar frantically said “Oof. Sorry, sorry. I wasn 't looking where..” as he spoke he looked up and saw a girl around the same age as him. He had seen her around town before but never really noticed her. “Oh no. Its entirely my fault. I was reading my book on the way to school. I wasn 't watching where I was going.” She sounded very flustered as she gathered up her school books and her lunch.
He thought to himself “I suppose this is what people call pretty.”
Her curly blonde hair was tied down in pigtails. She was wearing a simple blue dress with a white ribbon around the middle of her dress the ends of which met in the middle of her
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