A Transformational And Transformational Leadership

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Leaders all over the world have different styles of leadership with which to lead their team and their organizations to success. The different styles are authoritarian, procedural, laissez-faire, and I happen to be a transformational and participative leader. Being a leader also has different components that are necessary for success, like the C.O.A.T. assessment which stands for Communication, Opportunity, Advisory, and Talent. I will be discussing how I can implement this assessment in correlation with my leadership styles to create the best results, and foster the best team in my organization. According to the assessment, I am a mix between a Participative and Transformational leadership, or a mix between Barack Obama, and Nelson…show more content…
I am in a sense surprised by these results, but then I agree with them as well. I can think back to my previous leadership position and think of examples of when I used these leadership styles. I clearly remember being democratic and consulting, especially when I needed help coming up with a solution or sought the opinions of my team members. I can also recall of times when I was a charismatic leader and used that to inspire my team to get the job done. The reason for my surprise is that I remember times when I was not so charismatic, or democratic, but I still managed to get myself and my team to get the job done. The majority of the time, however, I was democratic and/or charismatic. The part I have to disagree with is in terms of a transformational leader’s inability to focus or take care of fine details. I actually am very detail oriented so I can focus on the big picture and the small details on my own. In order to be a great leader, you need to thrive in effective communication skills. I can clearly see how my styles of leadership can come into play and help me rise above the rest in this skill. Being democratic I feel is where communication is necessary, you need to be able to talk to people and get them talking. A great way to get ideas flowing from everyone is through open communication, this way everyone can feel like a part of the team and a part of the decision making and this can also build trust in the leader and their
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