What I Learned in My Leadership Class

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Before this class, I had a very primitive and vague definition of leadership. Not only did I define it as per my views and ideologies, but I also said that each individual has their own definition of leadership. My initial belief was that leadership does not have a clear cut definition, but there were well defined leadership traits which made an individual. I also initially believed that personal traits did not translate into leadership traits with no strong correlation. After going through the various modules this class offered, it is safe to say that I have significantly redefined leadership and underwent a strong personal assessment. This paper talks what I took back from each of the class activities, assignments and how my self-assessment compares to the perception of others. I think this class was a good mix of both theoretical concepts as well as practical applications for discussion. Something I enjoyed the most and benefited greatly was the application of various leadership models, theories and character comparisons to personal life applications. Leadership exists in all facets of life and it is important to understand some of the several well researched theories and look for opportunities to apply them in life. The ropes course was strategically scheduled in the beginning of the class to get to know everyone outside the classroom atmosphere and it presented some real time opportunity to demonstrate leadership ability. Since this is a class which involves a lot of
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