Essay on A Two-Class Society Exposed in The Stolen Party

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A Two-Class Society Exposed in The Stolen Party

In a perfect world we would all live together in peace. But we don’t live in such a world. In Liliana Heker’s story "The Stolen Party" we are reminded of the real world and the thin line that separates the lower class from the upper class. In an instant we see all the discrimination and inhumane treatment some people feel they have a right to inflict on those whom they consider "not one of them."

The story is about Rosaura, the nine-year-old daughter of a woman who does housecleaning for a wealthy family. Rosaura often accompanies her mother to work and does her homework with Luciana, the daughter of the house. As a result, or so she thinks, Rosaura is Luciana’s friend and has …show more content…

Even though the families are of same descent, they live in opposite worlds. We can tell that Senora Ines has had a more successful life than Rosaura’s mother has. She lives in a "beautiful place" and has maids and servants (1134). She can afford anything that she wants and lavishes her daughter with a party. On the other hand, Rosaura’s mother has a job as a maid and can’t afford the luxuries of such a lifestyle. Here we can see the discrimination that people are faced with concerning their social class and status. Rosaura, still young and naïve, hopes to one day be in the same place as her friend. Rosaura lives in a fantasy world where nothing bad happens, and she is blind and innocent to the unfair treatment around her. What she will soon realize is that she is living in the real world where she will learn the truth and see people for what they really are.

Rosaura does not realize is that it is sometimes better to be true to yourself, than pretend to be something you are not. We can tell from how Rosaura is preparing to go to the party that she is trying to make an impression and wants to fit in. She wears her "Christmas dress" and her mother "washes her hair with apple vinegar" so it is nice and shiny (1134). As the party begins Rosaura helps Senora Ines pass out drinks, and feels special because she is the "only one who was let into the kitchen" (1135). As Kevin Elliot argues, Senora Ines takes advantage of

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