Essay On Two Party System

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In recent discussion of Democrats and Republican parties, a controversial issue has been whether or not the U.S. should expand their options from more than a two party system. On the one hand, some argue that there should be more choices other than between the two Democrat Party and Republican Party. From this perspective, voters have more of a variety when they vote. On the other hand, some argue that the U.S. should remain as a two party system. In the words of Gary Johnson, one of this view’s main proponents, “The Republicans and Democrats have spent decades trading power back and forth between themselves, and in doing so, have managed to install a two-party duopoly that completely controls America’s political process.” According to this view, Democrats and Republicans are dictating other parties opportunities to get elected. In sum, then, the issue is whether there should be other options rather than a choice between the Democrat and the Republican Party. I agree with Gary Johnson’s view that the Democrat and Republican Parties are controlling America’s …show more content…

Between city and country there is already a balance that divides votes that makes a decision on which party will be elected into Presidency. Citizens of the country tend to be more conservative, while citizens in the city are more open-minded. In the article, “City vs. Country: How Where We Live Deepens the Nation’s Political Divide,” Laura Meckler writes, “In many ways, the split between red Republican regions and blue Democratic ones- and their opposing views about the role of government- is an extension of the cultural divide between rural Americans and those living in the cities and suburbs.” Since city and country people live in different areas they will have different mindsets. No matter what city people will stick with a Democratic view and country people will continue to stand by their Republican

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