A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller as a Tragedy Essay example

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A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller as a Tragedy

A view from the Bridge was written by Arthur Miller in 1955 and set in the 1950's Brooklyn, New York. Most of this area was inhabited by immigrants that arrived from countries such as Italy and Sicily, before the restriction of immigrant's law was passed. Although the law denies people to migrate to the country. Illegal immigrants will often be smuggled in from countries like Sicily. The main area is based in
Red Hook. Illegal immigrants come into the country and work on the dockyards and Sicily at the time was in great poverty and hardship.
The people in this area of red hook are Italian American civilian citizens that have travelled the Island of Sicily because of the hard
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The inevitable death of the protagonist takes place.

Arthur Miller in this play uses quite a lot of Aristotelian elements of tragedy, such as using a ?chorus? to introduce themes and ideas and inform the audience that the protagonist will have a ?fatal flaw? that will lead to his downfall because of his hubris pride. It contains
?universal truth? and has to be didactic so the audience can learn from the play. Aristotle also believed that the audience had to experience ?Catharsis? meaning that the audience will have a feeling of extreme emotions which will help keep the audience interested.
Arthur Miller also uses Aristotle's way of ending the play by the realisation of the protagonist?s mistake and the rightful order and time is restored.

Although Alfieri has the smallest part in the play, nevertheless he is very important to introducing the scene atmosphere and the set.
Alfieri is introduced to us by Arthur Miller ?Enters Alfieri a lawyer in his fifties turning grey; he is portly, good humoured, and thoughtful.? We get a feeling that he is a wealthy person because he is ?portly? telling us his got plenty of food to eat. The fact that he is ?turning grey? makes the audience assume that he is wise and understands what is really going on in the play. Also the prologue,
Alfieri becomes informative straight away and explains to the audience. At the beginning Alfieri tells