A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman By Mary Wollstonecraft Feminist Analysis

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Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman is a perfect example of the advocacy of women’s equality of conformist feminism. This is important in the progress of many of her works. Her work examined the mixing process in the downgrading of women. Wollstonecraft detected that the social standards, morals, rules and traditional practices commanded and suggested detailed methods on how a woman should act. Women who don’t conform to these standards result in them being called freaks or witches. This is often known in Wollstonecraft’s incomplete novel, Maria, or the wrongs of woman, where the main character is a woman who is imprisoned for trying to leave from her unfortunate marriage. She wasn’t able to excuse her husband’s wicked actions, and did not agree on her title as his possession. Maria tries to leave to Italy with her infant to have a new life. But, she is taken and is put into an insane asylum and her baby girl is taken from her, and we learn later on in the novel that the baby does die. While at the asylum, she shares her life experiences with another patient, Henry Darnford, and her caretaker Jemima; who is of the lower class. After Maria leaves the asylum, she composes a text that was read in a court house stating her accusing Henry of infidelity and seduction. But, the judge reigned contrary to her wishes, because she is a woman. I argue that upon reading Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication to the Rights of Woman provided a feminist lens to read Maria,
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