A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women

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sentimental romances, and by the misogynistic images of women perpetuated in, for instance, Milton’s Paradise Lost” (Gilbert & Gubar 41). In the second chapter of A Vindication of the Rights of Women, Wollstonecraft discusses her frustration when it comes to women’s ignorance. She does not understand why men are frustrated when it comes to the ignorance of women. Women during this time were not raised to be observant or mindful (Wollstonecraft 43). They are taught how to needlepoint or play the piano. Of course they were ignorant! Yet, men wanted to complain about this ignorance. However, men also wanted to voice their disapprovement when women where intelligent and mindful. If women had intelligent thoughts, then what would separate them from men? Wollstonecraft also expresses her frustration when it comes to the literature that females read. “Women are told from their infancy, and taught by the example of their mothers, that a little knowledge of human weakness, justly termed cunning, softness of temper, outward obedience, and a scrupulous attention to a puerile kind of property, will obtain for them the protection of man; and should they be beautiful, everything else is needless, for, at least, twenty years of their lives” (Wollstonecraft 43). So, not only do they follow the examples that their mother are presenting, they are also reading literature such as Paradise Lost that portrays women to be soft and weak. Mary Wollstonecraft wanted to educate and voice her
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