A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women

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Inequality is a plague we’ve attempted to cure for centuries with some success only to come to the realization that another problem has risen. Mary Wollstonecraft, a social and political activist for women’s rights, addressed a letter to a former bishop to present a case of equality in relation to France’s government and societal restrictions imposed on women. As a sequel to her previous piece, “A Vindication of The rights of Women”, Wollstonecraft took the liberty to propose multiple reasons as to why women’s rights are essential to the well-being of not only men, but also as necessary for society to function properly. She uses her own independence as a basis of her argument without concerning herself to much by mostly discussing others possible advantages derived from allowing women to be educated. Wollstonecraft’s purpose was to convince those who considered educating women unnecessary by setting examples that affect men negatively; comparatively our society has either carried these methods or created new ones to deal with inequality. In favor of educating women to end the inequality affecting both sexes, Wollstonecraft argues the deterioration of virtues is in result of the negligence of knowledge. According to Wollstonecraft “If women isn’t fitted by education to become a man’s companion, she will stop the process of knowledge” (Wollstonecraft 2). In other words, women who aren’t allowed to peruse an education that allows them to become as knowledgeable as a man will
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