A Visit On A Road Trip Across Canada

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15 Places To Visit On A Road Trip Across Canada As the second largest country in the world, you better believe that Canada has plenty of roads for road trips! From the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the west, the Maritime towns along the east, and the tundras of the north, Canada has just about everything. The most daunting task might be trying to figure out just where exactly you want to go on a road trip. To help you figure it out, here is a list of 15 amazing places to visit while on a road trip across Canada. 1. Cathedral Grove: Pacific Rim Highway British Columbia’s BC Highway 4 is a sight within its self! This incredibly scenic coastal drive takes you through some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the Pacific Northwest. One place along this route where you simply must stop and take a better look is Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park. Located on Cameron Lake, the Grove is home to giant Douglas fir trees, both very old and very impressive. It is located just northwest of Nanaimo, and is perfect for giving your legs a break from sitting. 2. Glacier Skywalk: Icefields Parkway Stretching along Highway 93 from Lake Louise to Jasper, the Icefields Parkway is easily the most scenic road in the world. For one of the most breathtaking views along this route, stop at Glacier Skywalk, where a glass floor allows you to see everything in the Sunwapta Valley. The path to the overlook includes information on the area, presented in the form of an interpretive

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