A Visit to Mable´s Fables, a Toronto Bookstore

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A visit to Mable’s Fables was totally a new experience for me. First of all this was my first visit to any bookstore so I wasn’t expecting anything fancy except some children books on shelves , some kids and their parents. But I am glad to say that I was wrong. FIG 1
Mabel's Fables is one of the oldest children's bookstores in Toronto. They have been bringing kids closer to books and literature since 1988.They completed their 25th year anniversary last year in 2013. I visited the bookstore on 14th of February 2014.Most of the section was covered with red purple, blue, white and yellow. Most of the interior is with purple white and yellow. As it was valentines that’s why there was touch of color red everywhere. The place has been designed and painted in such a way that it sooths your eyes as soon u walk in the store. The color combination mesmerized me so much and had no option but to ask one of the staff members about who chooses the color scheme, the pattern, and the answer I got blew me off. The answer was it’s the staff members and manager that decide about how the things should be setup with what color scheme as they keep on changing it now and then according to the occasions.
Mable’s fable is divided into 2 floors where the books are organised according to age. The ground floor is children section starting from babies till 10 years old kids. The books and display material over here were very colorful with bold titles. I found some of the books of our course in this

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