A Visit to the Aztec's

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As I approached Chapultepec hill I saw this community located in the middle of a lake and its architecture just jumped out at me. The sight was amazing! I had never seen anything so eccentric before. As we arrived to this large city, Tenochtitlan, I saw that it has many canal waterway systems and bridges. There was one aqueduct that provided fresh drinking water, as the lake water wasn’t pure enough for people to drink. They also had bathing fountains, something I have never seen in our cities before. It was pleasing to see these people were a very clean society. These people, also known as the Aztecs, were using boats in the canals to travel and to transport in food and supplies to the markets. There were several of these markets that were in the separate neighborhoods that they call calpulli’s. This is how they divided the city. The markets have fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats that the locals go to everyday to barter for their goods. It’s also where they go socialize and acquire news about what’s going on in the city. The largest of all the markets was located in the capulli of Tlatelolco. It has been said that about 60,000 people go through there a day. As I walked among the markets in different calpulli’s I was in awe with the beautiful clothing these women made and sold. They actually weaved bright colors of feathers into the fabrics. Not only was the clothing colorful, so was the murals on houses and the beautiful gardens they had throughout the city. The Aztecs

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