A Walk In The Woods Analysis

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A path to death, or a path to a new life? A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson, and Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, unfold a journey, by foot, that had taken place in uncivilized parts of the U.S. A journey of which the authors found peace within themselves, and took time to appreciate what life has to offer. Although both authors found themselves in a state where a hike of over 1,000 miles was necessary, they both had very different reason to take time away from civilization. Cheryl Strayed needed to relieve her past by coming at peace with herself, and finally taking away the grief of her mother’s death. She needed to clear her mind and come to a place where she could “come to healthy conclusions about acceptance and gratitude, about fate and …show more content…

Strayed didn’t seem like the kind of person to make it to her final destination, and as she doubted herself, so would other people; however, not only did she make it to her final goal in distance, she also achieved tranquility with her past. Similarly, Bryson had the same issue, but due to another factor, age. Bryson was 46 when he started the Appalachian trail, but only made it 860 miles before giving up. Even though he did not make it the full 2,181 miles, Bryson, and Katz made it much further than anyone would have ever expected. They saw all they needed to see, and even though they did not make it the full trail, they experienced all they felt they needed to experience, through the weather, the animals they encountered, and the people they met along the way. Bryson was atone with nature after his 860 miles, he saw, and learned what his home country had to offer in the wild. Both hikers went through unimaginable pain, mentally, and physically. They had learned “that anything could happen, and that everything would” (Strayed, 3), and that nothing could be expected. Bryson says that “[he] had reached the point where aches and blisters were so central a feature of [his] existence that [he] ceased to notice them” (Bryson, 160), which shows that the unbearable pain is actually slightly bearable after living with it for such a period of time. The hike hurt, but it didn’t break them. This is also how Strayed’s mother was treated, which is a way

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