A Walk In The Woods Analysis

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Throughout A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson transitions between a narrative of his journey along the Appalachian Trail and informational accounts of the history of the trail. To keep his readers engaged, Bryson includes many light-hearted moments, but he conveys the gravity of the trail through his honest assessments regarding its adversities. Bryson uses a simple style that allows the readers to follow along easily, but he includes strong imagery with higher level diction in order to better relate the essence of the trail. All of these aspects express how something simple, like the Appalachian Trail, can embody more than shallow sentiments.
Bryson structures his memoir by flowing between his experiences on the trail and facts about the trail. Many times, his knowledgeable anecdotes relate to the leg of the journey he is currently relating. By doing so, Bryson imparts stimulating and significant knowledge to the readers in such a way that the readers can immediately see the significance of the facts. Bryson writes, “The Smokies… are home to 130 native species of tree; the whole of Europe has just 85.” By incorporating facts like these into his writing, Bryson not only presents interesting information, but he presents it so that it adds to the mental image of the mountains. Suddenly the reader can picture thousands of trees spanning through the landscape, accented by the various colors and shapes. By swapping back and forth, Bryson emphasizes his theme that the nature we have
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